That busy mom you’ve been hearing about

To start, I’m a working mom of three kids – all two years apart because why not have continuous diaper changes for SIX years? I became a nurse in 2011, but I never felt fulfilled in a lot of ways. Enter the Sociology degree. Yes, I went back to school for Sociology as another outlet for helping people, and I fell in love with the science of understanding how/why people ‘tick’. So in an attempt to figure out what made me tick, I started on my journey of self-discovery that landed me smack-dab in the middle of the Art world. This new passion for creating was my oasis, my retreat! It was also the last straw that led me to create this blog. I FINALLY found a hobby, something that was mine and was special to me, but I couldn’t seem to find the time or money to pursue it (aka I only spent money on things that weren’t for me). 

Being a mom is fun, fulfilling, and beautiful! Being a mom is also stressful, chaotic, and more overwhelming than anything else that’s done daily by an entire population. I wanted to create a community of (and for) moms to talk about things not talked about; in ways, they’re not talked about openly. A place that’s more than “picture perfect” mom content that looks nice but isn’t practical for us non-robots that need a break/nap/vacation/new identity… you get it. Somewhere that you can find material to make you think, laugh, or maybe shed a tear or two. This blog is where your opinion matters, where you matter, as an individual AND a Busy Mom.

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